Second partition is not showing in "My Computer"


A second partition just won't show up in My Computer. It can be made unhidden and it shows up until the PC reboots, the changes doesn't stick.
Not much option in Disk Management but "Delete volume" and it has been deleted and created and formatted and still no joy. It was also been deleted, and created NTFS file system using BootIT Bare Metal and formatted but somehow still show up as FAT32. It already has a drive letter which shows up when the partition is unhidden and shows up as NTFS filesystem.
There was an "Error Exist" on the top screen of the partitions at some stage during creating/formatting(can't remember exactly when) in BootIT but I didn't pay much attention to it.
Included is a screenshot from Disk Management and Boot IT if it helps.
It's Windows 7 64bit system. Disk Management screen BootIt screen
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rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
Just want to add that while BootIt BM was formatting it was also checking the disk(which took at least 2 and a half hours) and there was no error after that.
Hi, Rpggamergirl!

That is rather unusual.  I must admit, since the inception of the Windows 7/Vista generation, I'm not a big fan of multiple partitions on the same physical hard drive.  Back in the Win2K/WinXP era, there was probably a bit more value added in maintaining multiple partitions with your user data separated from the OS partition, but with the speed of today's machines, the sheer size of the hard drives, and the automatic indexing that occurs in Windows 7, typically I feel that additional partitions are more time-consuming than beneficial.  Again, that's just my 2¢-worth.

That being said, I am a big fan of the Parted Magic LiveCD. It's a freeware Linux-based environment that is designed to help you add, delete, and manipulate hard drive partitions.  Perhaps you will have better luck configuring the partition in that manner:

And for those of us who may need it, here is a short Parted Magic tutorial in PDF format:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
probably it is too big for a fat32 partition using the format utility you used.
delete the partition and from windows diskmanagment now create the volume format it and give it a drive letter

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try download linux knoppix

some times when i get stuck and need a free tools to deal with problem like that i use knoppix, it works from the cd/dvd drive and no need for installation.
from my experiance linux tools are much stronger then what we get from microsoft for that part.
or try any installation of linux the partition tools dooring installation are very good, it helped me before.
i would restart bootit-BM and delete/create the partition again
watch that you select NTFS  for making the partition and format it, AFTER unhiding it
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
why use external programs when windows will do it, properly without a problem? About the only need that I've had for an external drive management solution is when shrink won't shrink enough, and files have to be moved so it can continue to re-size, or copying partitions.. normal disk management, it's simply simpler to stick with the built in tools.
rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

With the size of the drives these days (2Tb) it makes more sense to partition the drive(at least split it into 2 partitions) for storing data so whenever viruses mess up the system a reformat is easily done without moving data from the infected partition.
Thanks for the link, but I'm not really keen on trying another partition manager since I think this issue may not be something to do with the software that I used. I already tried three, so surely those are not all bad.

I am creating an NTFS partition not a FAT32 partition, and your advice will not work due to Disk Management doesn't see the partition once it is deleted, meaning it doesn't see the unallocated partition.

"why use external programs when windows will do it, properly without a problem?"

I for one don't use any third party tools unless it is really necessary, so of course I was using Windows Disk manager first, that was what I used to shrink the C drive and create the second partition first. But when partition didn't show up in My computer I then use EASEUS and when that didn't help I then use BootIT BM.

As I've already mentioned I'm not sure that this is due to the software I've been using.

That is what I've done before I posted this question, I made sure that I selected NTFS before I went ahead with the next step, I was extremely careful since similar problem had happened before.

I have tried almost everything with the 3 software that I have here... deleting, creating, formatting, that's why I posted this question hoping that someone had experience this issue and able to offer a solution without trying another software.
Thanks everyone for your input.
if you formatted  it as ntfs -  and it shows now as fat - i would contct Terabyte - and ask my money back -or a solution
did you give it a name also?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
rpggamergirl: as an expert of Experts-Exchange community you can get free copy of Paragon Partition Manager 11 or Hard Disk Manager 11 here:
Download it - delete the partition with it and create new one with Paragon.
I think your new partition gets Hidden flag somehow and with Paragon we will find it out.
rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
"if you formatted  it as ntfs -  and it shows now as fat - i would contct Terabyte - and ask my money back -or a solution
did you give it a name also?"

I bought EaseUS but the BootIt BM is only a free trial which has full functionality.
Yes, I did give it a name which shows up in EasesUS(but not the drive letter) but the name doesn't show up in BootIt BM.


Seems like a very nice offer from that site, I could register there as an MVP. Thanks for the link I'll keep that site in mind.
But like I said, the problem is not with the software(I'm now 100% sure) BootIT and EaseUS sees the hidden partition and BootIt sees more than EaseUS.

I have found a solution but it's not quite what I was looking for and not really what the user of this PC want.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I have found a solution but it's not quite what I was looking for and not really what the user of this PC want

Don't leave us hanging... please elaborate
rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
"Don't leave us hanging... please elaborate"

You're supposed to be the one providing me(the Asker) with the answer, not the other way around, :)

After so much mucking around with the partition tools I already have and a lot of searching, I found out that I can't make any more primary partition due to having already 3 existing ones. I can only make an extended primary partition to house logical volumes. And that was why the second partition won't show up in My computer so it has nothing to do with the tools that I was using.

The thing is I wanted to make a primary partition not a logical one because the owner of this PC wanted a bootable partition, hence my solution of creating a logical partition is not really want I wanted.

Do you know(or anyone) why that hidden 2mb free space exists in this drive? and why it's there? I won't have any problem if that didn't exist.
Sorry that we didn't catch that for you sooner, Rpggamergirl.  Yes, you are limited to three Primary partitions.  I didn't notice or couldn't quite see that you already had a trio of them and were attempting to add another one.

Depending upon the software utilities that were used to format and configure the drive, in the aftermath there can be a very small "leftover" partition (from 2-8 MB) that isn't integrated into one of the main partitions.

From what I can see, the small free space partition shouldn't really be necessary.  You aren't utilizing the famous built-in 100 MB boot/recovery/BitLocker partition, but it looks like you do want to use two boot partitions and an 10 GB operating system recovery partition.  As I said in my original reply, I'm not a big fan of a multiple partition environment (including an OS recovery partition), but I understand your rationale for wanting to have one.

It may take a bit of juggling, but hopefully one of the partition utilities will allow you to move/delete the configuration until you have just the three partitions that you want to see in your end-state.

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if you want more partitions , Bootit-Bm can do it; it clearly says " Create over 200 primary partitions on EMBR disks "
but i think (i never tried it) you need to install bootit-bm (and buy it)
i know Garycase has more than 8 partitions...
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Stop. Am I missing something? I am looking your screen shot through and I see 1 2 3 4!!!! Four primary partitions (sure if we consider this 2MB block as primary partition slot occupying scoundrel!).
And according to MBR partitioning scheme you can have either FOUR primary partitions on MBR drive or THREE primary and ONE extended partitions.
What am I missing here? Please correct me.
Is this drive GPT partitioned? I don't see EFI partition then.
Run Paragon and see how it does detect this drive and partitions.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:

The thing is I wanted to make a primary partition not a logical one because the owner of this PC wanted a bootable partition,

I only saw  3 partitions and you can have 4 primary partition's but no more partititions can be created so we normally create 3 primary and the 4th is a logical partition with many subpartitions

With windows 7 logical partitions are bootable, the only restriction is that the Boot Manager must be on a physical partition

David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
now for the logical drive in the 4th partition on the second drive.. I did cheat by using a captured image as a .wim file just to confirm that the drive is LogicalThis way I have a fully configured system in 8 minutes

One reboot after configuring hardware later

 16 Minutes Later Boots into logical partiton
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
first a bit of setup to create the virtual disk and get it ready for installation As expected, it works.. This is NOT Windows XP Baby!
Welcome to the world of a Modern Operating System.
rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
From my own research I found out that you can install an OS in a logical partition so long as bootmgr is on the active primary partition.
Not even sure if the user is going ahead with dual-booting or not, but anyway the PC now has 4 primary partitions (the 4th being the extended partition that housed the logical storage partition). Just can't create 4 primary partitions, the 4th primary has to be the shell for the logical.
Thanks all.
did you miss my post?
rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
"did you miss my post?"
No, but thanks for the advice, I can't try and install BootIt since it's only a trial version and EaseUS is the one installed in the system.
ok - sorry i could not help better
rpggamergirlAuthor Commented:
I have all the intention to give you points but somehow I must've missed to click on your comment sorry, I have to re-open it.
no worries - i'm not in need for points; i just would have liked to help better - and as i said, if you want to know more about the topic - i posted the man
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