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currenty I want to do the configuration of my infrastructure, so that I can connect to my CPN ( Secure Cisco VPN only, no Internet ) at the same time to the internet.
CPN doesn't allow to access to the internet, it's the secure line to my VPN, so now if I want to use the internet I have to unplug the CPN line and plug the internet line, that's so boring.
So I want to use another router to rout, so that at the same time I can use Internet and cann access to my CPN line. I have no access to the Cisco Router configuration. and this cisco allow only the
The infrastructure map is attached. Please suggest the best solutions. The attached is just the current one, you may suggest the best one. File001.pdf
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What you don't understand is that this is not a site to site vpn, where the vpn terminates at the router allowing you to direct non vpn traffic out a different direction. You Cisco VPN is terminating at you PC, so in order to split tunnel you will need to either configure your client to do so, or configure the local routes on your computer to exit a different interface. Most VPN clients that restrict split tunneling will not allow you to adjust your local computer routes while the client is running.
I believe there is a reason you don't have internet access in your VPN. Security. By doing what you want you will be opening a backdoor on your system.
Having said that, you can use a second card (or wireless ) connected to your internet router before Cisco
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