is there a way to remove the design from WORD in WORD?

we have a software that have a small windows wordpad like text editor (not microsoft),
the problem is when i copy text from word and it has all kind of designs the wordpad don't know how to handle and make empty pages.
most of the problems are with automatic bullets and spaces betwin lines.

my question: is there a way to remove WORD text design in word before i copy the text, even macro will help?
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NivleshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this.

Select the entire document using CTRL+A and then press CTRL and the spacebar to remove all word formatting.

don't know if someone can make a macro for that... i guess it's possible

...and i suppose you already know these to ways to do it:

selecting everything in Word and copy paste into notepad or

in Word... using “Save as” “Save as type" select plain text... save...
liranp1Author Commented:
i try that, that solve the problem for me but the users who work with my program are kind of laking technical skills and i wan't something easy for them.

Thanks anyway
I'll check for alternatives.. .. I am sure someone can make a macro or something...
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