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I have quistion in CUPS .  i was checking CUPS  one of the Linux server (OEL5.5) , found driver name
as local raw printers.

Just want to know what is local raw printers. what it is used for

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First, you will need to realize that most/all applications in Linux print in Postscript format. How the application actually talks to the printing system is through a high-level printing system (e.g. CUPS, which we will discuss below). It is the job of CUPS to provide a standard interface for applications to talk to. CUPS takes the Postscript print files and, if necessary, passes them to a set of low-level drivers (printer dependent) which then converts the data into a language that the printer can understand and sends it to the printer itself.

If your printer supports Postscript format directly then it is unnecessary to install a low-level driver - you can just print the raw files out to the printer in "raw" mode. which is when linux uses the local raw printers which are the printer drivers in linux.


Description: Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet 1020
Printer Driver: Local Raw Printer
Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published.

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