IBM AS400 V6R1M0 ftp upload very slow to window machine

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IBM AS400 V6R1M0 ftp upload slow, i am not able to get transfer rate above 1.2 mbps
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let me know in case any patch needs to be applied
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant
Well, if that is a t1 connection between the machines, then 1.2mbps is pretty fast b


no not t1 connection.

Do we need to have any file conversion to help as given below. The conversion during the FTP upload will only be data upload. At the moment we are hit by slow ftp response, which we are trying to improve.
The AS/400 Copy to PC Document (CPYTOPCD) command allows an AS/400 EBCDIC file to be converted to PC ASCII format.

I am new to AS400, any info is appreciated.
CPYTOPCD only works with the old (practically obsolete) /QDLS file system. The /QDLS file system is about as slow as such things get. Any of the commands that copy data to a streamfile can convert to ASCII or to any encoding supported by the system. If you're uploading to the AS/400, how does CPYTOPCD fit in? (I'd expect CPYFRMPCD.)

In any case, what do you mean by "slow"? What connectivity do you have? Is this across an internet connection or on an internal network segment? Any devices between FTP server and client systems? Is the AS/400 the server or client? What is your communication line configuration? Is this transfer slower than others?

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