6th generation nano clock

I want to leave the clock on (showing) all the time. I've read some posts that say you can manage this through the 'AutoLock' function. But I can't find that tab:

Settings > General > Scroll down and there should be a tab that says Auto Lock

I don't have this.
Yes, I'm in the iPhone zone but this was as close to the Nano zone as I could get.
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This doesn't say which generation Nano it's for, but:


To show the clock at the top of the screen (title bar), not just when you play audio content, but all the time, start by navigating back to the main menu (home screen) of your iPod nano to access your clock settings:

Select Settings from the Main Menu
Scroll down and select the "Date & Time" settings
Scroll all the way to the bottom, to "Time in Title - Off" (the default)
Click on this option with the Center button of your Click Wheel to toggle to "Time in Title - On"
You are done! Your iPod nano will from now show the time in all screens, not just the audio playback ones. The clock is visible when you are not scrolling through the menus; by default, your iPod nano shows the "parent category" in which you are.

For example, if you are scrolling through the options relating to date and time, your iPod will show "Date & Time" in the title, indicating that you are currently looking at the Date & Time settings; with the "Show clock in title" option now turned on, the time will be displayed whenever you are not scrolling inside menus!

It's from: Customize / change the date and time settings on your iPod nano

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If you're talking about keeping the clock face showing, as in a constant wrist watch: currently there is no way to do that. The biggest concern is, apparently, that the battery will only last about an hour or so. You can set the clock face to show whenever you hit the wake button, though - that's in the same Settings/Date & Time area and is a switch you can set to On. I believe the setting is called "Wake to Time".

Some people are saying that the Wake to Time feature doesn't override the player, though, so if you're on the Now Playing screen when it goes dark, when you wake it, it may still be on that screen.

There is someone who says they created a zip file with instructions to turn the clock into a "slide show", thus forcing it to stay on continuously. Again, the battery only lasts 1 - 2 hours...
Free iPod Nano 6th Generation Always On...

[Note: there are no responses at the above link from anyone else trying the slide show solution, and I'm certainly not going to swear by it, but for the sake of answering your question, I've added it...]

Also, if you haven't done a firmware update on the Nano recently, the latest update adds a bunch of clock faces - you can choose from something like 18 of them!
xmouserAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have the latest update.
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