Mac Outlook 2011 Issues with mail data base sizes when using Microsoft Office 365

I have an office using Microsoft Office 365 with the Office 365  Exchange Server in the Cloud.  They have about 10 laptops and half are Windows 7 and half are Mac OS X Macbook Pros.  Not sure if all are Lion (10.7) or also Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) but all the Macs are having issues with Microsoft Outlook 2011 setup on their Macs.

What is happening , for all Mac users, is once the mail reaches a certain size, users can not get their new email with errors like end of line etc.. (unclear on error currently).  I am told if they delete email they work again until reach limit again.  I do not yet know what limits they are at etc..

The users of the Macs also have iPhones and email always works fine as well as their OWA access to their email.  So the issues is with Outlook 2011 and their Macs only.

All the Windows users have no issues.

I am going to gather more info. on issue very soon on site, but I was trying to find out if anyone knows of any known issues of mailbox size limits with Exchange Servers (in this case in the Cloud with Office 365).   I

Maybe the Outlook 2011 is configured wrong for max size of Exchange local data base etc.. Or maybe the Outlook 2011 has known limits and issues for this setup..

Thanks for any help

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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
I have outlook 2011 users with 30gb email files (I run my own server though, not hosted exchange). Where I see problems like yours are I the inbox gets too full, not size but message counts. Over 5000 gets slow, over 7000 no new emails show up. It's a sync prolem with too many messages in a folder.

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rdwolfAuthor Commented:

Thanks for info..

What version of local Exchange are you using (if you are using Exchange)?

What do users see when using Outlook 2011 and no mail shows up when inbox gets above 7,000 mail messages?  Do they see error messages when they try and use Outlook 2011 on their Macs etc?

What do you do to solve?  You mentioned it was a sync. issues with too many messages in a folder in this case with Outlook 2011.

Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
I'm currently using Kerio (uses ews to sync) but I've seen this issue with imap and Real exchange as well. Users don't really get errors, the just don't get mail. It's like the sync compare times out with that many messages so it doesn't know if there are new messages or not. My solution is to make a folder and move old inbox messages to it. It's only the synched folders that have this problem like inbox and trash.
rdwolfAuthor Commented:
The re build mail DB command seemed to fix the issue
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