Vertical-Alignin IE9

Hello Experts -
I've got a table cell without spacing, padding or a border inside of which I have some text that I want vertically centered.  Both valign=middle in the <td> tag and vertical-align:middle; in the style sheet work fine with one exception: IE9.  It shifts the text one irritating pixel upward from vertical center.  F12'ing to IE9 Compatibility View makes the shift goes away.

With a declaration of <!DOCTYPE html>, is there a reason that (non-compatibility) IE9 does this and if so is there a workaround?  Thanks all.

-- Rick
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It does it because it has the legacy and history of IE.  IE 9 has the lowest standards compliance of any major browser.  You can spend days or even weeks trying to make it behave like a good browser, and you might even find a hack that works.  Of course there is no guarantee the hack will work with later releases of IE.

What you have to ask yourself is "does it matter" if IE does not render the same; the users don't care.  They are viewing the page in a browser, they are not comparing browser.  They are accustomed with the way their browser renders.  As long as you get an acceptable rendering is it worth an extra effort to fix IE?


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MinnRickAuthor Commented:
Yep, that's a perfectly acceptable answer to this and, quite frankly, about what I expected.  The 1px is trivial in the grand scheme - just wanted to make sure that the irregularity wasn't something basic I was overlooking.  Thanks for the response.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes there is no answer just information. :^)

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