Add Serial number and Keycode to Access 2007 application

I am developing an Access 2007 application for a special purpose group that I would like to make available for download for a fee.  I understand how to develop the application within Access and have read the help on the digital signature etc.  
Where I have a question is on the best way to add a serial number and keycode so that I can control distribution.  There will only be a need for a single user level (although I can see making a multiple user version in the future).  I have very limited VBS knowledge and would like to know if there is a product that can help me do this.  My market is limited so I don't want to spend large dollars but am willing to invest to get it right.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Nadir ALTINBASElec.&Elctro.Engr.Commented:
you can produce a serial number and keycode by using ciphering algorithm like MD5 .

Tie algorithm with user's names thus you shalll have multi serial numbers which is different than each

mobankerAuthor Commented:
AFter looking I also like this site

Thank you for the help,  I would do the VB coding if I was a little more advanced in my programming at this point.
Thank you
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