Now that skype is charging for group video calls, what else can I use?

Alan Silverman
Alan Silverman used Ask the Experts™
I'm ticked that skype makes you get premium to set up group video calls.
First, does anyone know whether all participants in group video calls need skype premium?
Or if I just buy premium will that allow my mother-in-law to talk with all three of her daughters at one time?
Failing that, there are lots of video calling apps out there. Is there any one that I could go to (and install it on all the daughter's computers) that would allow free group video calls?  
Hopefully it would be easy to use, relatively bug free and not suck more resources than skype itself.
I'm even thinking of business video conferencing apps, like Yugma.We don't need whiteboard or the rest of that, just so one grandma can see and talk to her three daughters at once.

PS. When I created this question I searched 'Zones' for Skype but didn't come up with a "Skype" zone.  But when I search Expert's Exchange for "Skype" I can find questions in a Skype zone.  What gives?
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Google+ has a nice easy feature called hangouts.

The perfect solution


That should do the trick.

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