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I am working on a client's Dell small form Optiplex 745 running XP pro with a Dell service code of GMVLQC1.
My client says that the machine, on boot, said it found new hardware Video Controller. she tried to install something and got a BSOD on reboot.
When I received the machine I did a LKGC and booted it. However, it still says it found new hardware (video controller) and the device manager has yellow beside 2 "other devices" Both have to do with video.
Video is onboard so I have tried to find and reinstall the chipset from the dell site. I get errors while trying install the chipset. The chipset install download I am using is called R132539.exe.
Should I be trying to install the R132539.exe chipset or 1 of the 7 choices for display adapters?
If I should be installing a display adapter which one of the 7 choices do I make?
What do you recommend as the best software to use to determine what hardware a machine is using (mobo, cpu, chipset, etc.)?
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Please post Your hardwares ID
vlogg5Author Commented:
What do you mean by my hardware's ID. What hardware and where do I find the ID?
Kyle DaviesRetail Software SpecialistCommented:
Go to start>run then type in cmd, then systeminfo and enter and go right to the top then look at system model and post it here for me please.
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Kyle DaviesRetail Software SpecialistCommented:
you can also go to and download one of the trail versions and go through the m.b setting and it should tell you what VGA card it is using.

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Things to check start at the basics and work up to the peripherals

1:> Bios check to see if the bios is updated or if there is an update dell usually has a floppy img that can be downloaded and or a bootable ISO image.

2:> Check the dell website for motherboard drivers specifically chip set drivers and install those this will augment the installation of the video cards.

3:> here is the hard part the video card you will have to check in device manager for the correct PCI instance ID this is what will show under details in the yellow driver in dev man.. find out what that is do a google search to see if you can decipher what video you have. Once you have that information install you video card drivers also be mindfull that you have all the windows updates completed and service packs installed on the OS for the supported device before you install the drivers.

4:> upgrade the rest of the hardware device drivers on the system its good practice to do this every 4-6 months to keep current with performance gains etc.

vlogg5Author Commented:
As per my question, The video card is onboard (on the MOBO).
vlogg5Author Commented:

As it turns out I am getting an L2 cache error on this machine.
Kyle_Davies: Is the AIDA64 software what you would also recommend for testing memory, the CPU, video and HDD on old and new machines or do you just use it for system information? If not what software do you use?
With the L2 cache issue you mentioned vlogg5... As know you are going to get data corruption across the entire machine. If the system is saying L2 cache at boot you do not need to test the memory it will fail with the L2 cache error. Recommend replacing the CPU if you can if you have warranty on the Dell contact support and get a new cpu. The bios is very good at testing the subsystems for cpu and motherboard right from boot. The memory test you asked Kyle_Davies for will test and push the rest of the system but do that after you replace the cpu with the failed L2 cache.

vlogg5Author Commented:
Problem was not the video but the CPU L2 cache.
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