Polycom analog conference phone cant establish a conference call. Drops second line when joining.

Hi guys,

I am hoping there is someone here that has come across this issue before.

We have a new Polycom SoundStation2 conference phone and are trying to test it out and instead of joining a second line after putting the 1st line on hold, it drops the second line everytime without fail.

I have tried changing the Flash timing on the phone and if its set to 300ms or 600ms it drops the 1st line instead of putting it on hold. If the Flash timing is set to either of the other available timings, 75ms or 100ms, it puts the 1st line on hold successfully. Then I can dial another party OK. But I just cant join all the lines together in a conference call because it always drops the second line.

The phone is on analog line as per the requirements and I really don't know what else to try.

I am hoping someone can help me as there is zero documentation or support on these issue on the web.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you on a PBX or an analog line or an pots line from outside?
defectaAuthor Commented:
Hi getzid.

Its analog line. I doesnt work on a PABX line. Its not a POTS because I have to dial 0 to a line.
defectaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I had to re-write this post because I lost it in an accidental press of a back button on my mouse.

In the re-write I left out that the PABX system is a Siemens HiPath 3500.

I have been advised that this is the only conference phone (they our vendor sells) that is compatible with our PABX. I hope its something we can resolve and no compatibility issue or something.

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What version of software do you have on the hipath?
defectaAuthor Commented:
ooh now you are asking the hard questions!

Do you mean what version of the HiPath 3000 Manager C software are we running? It's version 4.

If that's not it, is there a way to tell without using the HiPath software? I don't have a management workstation functioning right now to administer the PABX. (Thats a whole other issue. Let me know if you have any experience with installing Callbridge/HiPath software because I would love some help with trying to install a new management workstation. For another question of course.)
There sure is not too much out there for the hipath.  I did find this though

http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1627047  any help?   Maybe try manually pressing the hook switch?

Unfortunately, I do not have experience with the HiPath, I am using my knoweledge of Avaya and Shoretel to try to and help out.


SOunds like the timing has to be just right.
defectaAuthor Commented:
no joy i am afraid. You first link was helpful but didn't solve the problem.

I was able to connect the 2 other parties with each other by pressing the hook button but I don't seem to be able to participate in a conference call. At least from an analog line and without being able to fine tune the Flash timing to something other than 75 or 100ms.

We use these on our Mitel system and it's a PBX analog line.  In order to do the conference I have to dial the first party, press the little conf people button on the phone, dial the 2nd party, when the 2nd party answers, I then have to push the little conf people button (which is basically a flash button) and then dial the feature access code to complete the conference.
The last part is the part that most people forget.
Do you have a list of your Feature Access codes?

If it truly is a flash hook timing issue then you would disconnect every time, not just when trying to establi9sh a conference call

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defectaAuthor Commented:
Hi Atrevido,

those are the steps that I follow except for dialing the Feature Access Codes. Who provides this list? Siemens, being the manufacturer of our PABX?

If you are referring to the steps or buttons we would press on a normal PABX line with a normal phone, I dont see a way to duplicate them on the conference phone as its all done through a digital menu on the phone. Perhaps there is an access code for the Siemens HiPath 3000 system to join a conference call that isnt menu driven?

What makes me think its a Flash timing issue is the second callers is hung up on about 1 second after pressing the 'conf people button'. You would have to be really quick with any access code to avoid dropping the 2nd call. But I really hope I am wrong about that, it would be most helpful get this working.
defectaAuthor Commented:
Holy crap it worked!

I googled for Siemens feature access codes and found the code to join a conference call (*3) and tried it immediately after pressing the conf people button. IT WORKED!

This is the document that I found (scroll down to Topic: Conference) http://www.wallaceit.co.uk/telecoms/siemens-hipath-openoffice-feature-codes/157/article.aspx
defectaAuthor Commented:
Does anyone know if its possible to program a softkey on the Polycom to perform this same function?

This phone is going in the GMs office and I need to make it REALLY easy to understand and perform.
The only thing I know of is that you can program a "bridge" softkey.  I don't know when that appears, I think you have to program it first.  But maybe put your FAC in there and try it.
I put a label on my conference phones with the code...LOL
Let me know if the bridge thing works
defectaAuthor Commented:
Yeah I know about the bridge soft key. I don't think it's available when joining parties for a conference call but I'll give it a shot and let you know.
defectaAuthor Commented:
FWIW, the bridge soft key isn't available once on a call. We also just found an unfortunate limitation of the phone book that prevents us from entering a full Chinese phone number with international dialing codes. It truncates the number making the phone book useless for Chinese numbers. :(
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