how to move sbs folder path redirect?


I just installed sbs 2011 and enabled folder redirection for the desktop and documents.  its working--but using the c: and eating up all my space.  I want this to be moved to the e:

is this possible?
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Isn't this simply a case of using the SBS Console, clicking "Backup and Server Storage", then the "Server Storage" tab, selecting Move User's Redirected Folders, or Move User's Shared Data (or in fact BOTH!) from the Task List (see attached). SBS 2011 Server Storage Tasks
I certainly wou'dn't be suggesting editing the registry to perform a task which is available via the wizards!
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Yes, you can do this to change the default path. MS recommends to do the procedure to change the path

Please make sure the settings you have changed as small mistake cause more issues.

"Good Luck"

jimmy_the_fishAuthor Commented:
Per Microsoft, this is the correct way to move folders in SBS.  Thanks!
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