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hi experts,
Q. airport management decided to give travelers access to their flight schedules on line(via internet), what are the new components it needs to add.

i need the main basic components to answer above question.
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Don ThomsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The most obvious would be access to the live database  where that information is stored.

They would need to develop a Web page that auto-refreshes every 30-60 sec - for on-line Web users

They should also look at a separate Android App that would allow people with their smart phones to access the real-time info. Most people will check the flight status a hour before they leave for the airport and again get before they leave.  Most people have some type of data-ready phone that they can check from anywhere - They are more likely to use that then say a laptop while on router to the airport - If a flight is delayed - it's more likely to be closer to take off time than 3-4 hour before  so most people will want to use this info after they are getting close to the airport. Even a web page that is geared to the moblile user would be okay until a droid app can be ready and then even the BB users can use it

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