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I am trying to build a program or function in excel for an invoice for a pabx system.

the system contains 48 trunk lines and 128 extensions.

These trunk lines are divided into 3 systems and each system contains 16 lines so therefore total is 48.

so if customer requires 18 trunk lines then the functions should prompt me 2 systems for customer and the cost for it.Ofcourse this is an example, I want it to work for "X" amount of

Similarly the number of systems are dependent on how many extensions the customer needs. Each system has 32 extension and there are 4 not 3 systems unlike the trunk lines. Total is 128 Extensions since 4 systems and
 32 * 4 =128

so if customer needs "X" amount of extensions then the number of systems should be my return.

Then if customer require
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Moizsaif - I'm afraid I couldn't follow the logic /figure out what you need the function to do.  It might help if you could manually mock up what you want it to look like and we can 'reverse-engineer' from there.

Moizsaif123Author Commented:
sorry for the late reply, all i want is for the function to return how many systems    to return.

So if number of extension is say 5 then according to math above each system has 4 slots and each slot has 8 extensions so the function returns 1 sytem

another example if customer need 33 extension then the return would be 2 systems.

Please let me know if im not clear

Still not sure I'm fully following the logic, but if it's as simple as 1 system = 32 extensions, then the following should work for 'x' extensions:


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