voice communications for interbrachs on MPLS VPN

Dear Experts:

We have finalized MPLS VPN of full mesh network across all the branches for the data,voice and video.
We are planning for asterisk implementaion for the inter-office voice communications not the problem is we have not done cabling for voice ports as of now  we have only cable structuring done only for data.
All the intercom connections around 75 is connected to the EPBAX now we are going for MPLS VPN have doubts
1. Should we get the cable structuring for the voice ports by laying cat6 cables
2 Is it possible to use the existing setup that is all the digital phones to work for interbranchs voice communications  and also the same phone can be used or receiving calls from external world and calling for the external world other than the MPLS.

Please help
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data cable cat 5e/cat6/cat 6a can be used for voice communications also.
for data to voice and voice to data...for this changing you need two patch panel/ jack panel instead of one.

and for ip based phone ...... you need to open voice ports in between MPLS.

for VOIP...you can't use digital phone..you need ip phone for the same.

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D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, Thank you very much for the reply, as existing cat6 cable is used for the desktops/laptops for the lan hence we do not have cable installed for voice port this is my problem on this
few iptelephony service providers suggested can use existing digital phones by making use of the existing analog telephone cables by installing FXO gateway and using asterisk server.

To be more clear they VOIP installation provider informed by procuring FXO gateway and installing the same then we need not procure the ip phones as existing telephone cables can be used for both
1. for MPLS inter banches communications
2. for connecting to external world (out side the MPLS network) and receiving the calls from outside world.

Please suggest me is this possible. Thanks.

D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sorry in the previous post i have mentioned as FXO it is wrong correct one is FXS gateway.
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yes..you can use the same and can call to the external world also .....
Actually FXS and FXO are the name of ports used by analog phone lines, FXS interface is the port that receives analog lines…it is only the plug on your analog phone system. FXS and FXO are paired always and just like male – female plug

your network should look like the image  i am providing...just verify the same with your vendor

i apologize for sending in vsd...resending the image in pdf
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, Thank you very much, so in this case need not procure the ip phones, the same existing phones can be made use for
1.Inter-branch voice communications through the MPLS network and also to receive the calls or dail out the calls outside the MPLS ( i mean to external world), for this i think should go for multi-server achitecture , placing server with asterisk Free-PBX ,

Please suggest me is my understanding is correct if not request to correct me.
Iam looking for a inter-branches voice commnunications within MPLS network  and also inbound and outbound from external world this should be for all the branches.

Please help.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sorry missed to say, should place the asterisk server with Free-PBX installed on each branch to acheive the interoffice voice commnications with in the MPLS and each of the branch users should be able to receive and dail out the calls to the external world other than MPLS.

Please suggest is my understanding correct if not request you please recommend the best practice setup. Thanks in advance.
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