Windows XP removes shotcuts

I have a Windows XP machine. When clicking or double clicking on a desktop icon Windows always asks to remove the shortcut or item. I can start programs only from the start menu. But when I start the explorer and click on a folder the same question comes up to erase the folder.
It is impossible to close the question window. I have checked for virusses (AVG) and others stuff (Spybot search and destroy) and the system is complettely clean.
Does somehave have any suggestions?
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fvgConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem is solved. It was a hardware problem with the keyboard. Seems the DEL key was stucked. After replacing the keyboard everything was OK.
What happens if you create a new shorcut and try to double click?
fvgAuthor Commented:
I've just created a new-one (shortcut to Office Word). The new shortcut is doing the same thing.
seems your computer got infected with virus.....try to scan with norton360 can use free trail version for 30 days.....
fvgAuthor Commented:
Problem solved myself.
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