Recover a Backup Exec running job (failed due to power outage)


I have a 7TB job running for about 30 hours. The job itself was running well and at 98% completed by the 30th hour. Then we were hit by a large power outage.
As such the backup exec job (ad hoc job) not a saved job, failed. After the systems cam back online I checked the Job History. The job is not there !!:(

My question, is there a way I can now recover the job, scan the tapes and work out what left that original job had to to? It will save me kicking off the job again and another 30 hours.

Backup Exec 2010 R3 - HP Storage Works 1/8 G2.

Appreciate the help.


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Thomas RushCommented:
With few exceptions, a backup-to-tape job that is interrupted cannot be restarted in the middle.
Since you don't see the job in your history, i am inclined to believe that this is a job that cannot
be restarted, only recreated and run again.

Side note -- one of the cool cases where a job can be restarted is on HP's new high-availability
D2D system.  If a node fails, the backup job will restart from the last checkpoint.   This obviously
doesn't apply in your case, though.
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