Windows File Timestamps

I use ViceVersa for Data sync on several NAS devices - and they have just flagged up an error regarding "windows timestamp.
On checking the files, I can see some of them have their "date last modified" set to 1 January 1970.
I know I can select "ignore filestamp" in my VV backup software - but I haven't had this issue before so need to know what (if anything) can be done to resolve it.
The NAS devices are windows server 2003 Appliance edition
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smd333Author Commented:
I have fixed myself with a freeware utility.
Can you post me the error
smd333Author Commented:
Huge apologies on the delay - xmas period manic
Copied is one of the errors.

2012-01-04 09:26:07 : Copying file \\?\D:\Common\CAD\L405\LWB_M1\motion\motionSupportFile.ser <to> \\?\F:\Common\CAD\L405\LWB_M1\motion\motionSupportFile.ser  (82B)  [File Timestamp Error. Section 113. One of the timestamps of '\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy65\Common\CAD\L405\LWB_M1\motion\motionSupportFile.ser' is set to before January 1, 1970. Please check file timestamps (you can use the Windows Explorer's file properties).] .

That is from the ViceVersa log file.
smd333Author Commented:
Question not receive much attention.
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