Active Sync not working on new Storage Groups setup in exchange 2003


I am running exchange 2003 and currently have 5 storage groups set up on the server. Active Sync works fine with all mailboxes within these storage groups to windows mobile devices.

I have since created two new storage groups and active sync will only sync with the mobiles devices on these two new storage groups when the clients outlook application is open on a laptop or desktop. As soon as the application is closed emails sync stops with the mobile devices.

Has anyone come across this before? From what I can see all the active sync settings are completed at a organization level and not at the storage group level.


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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To work around this behavior, turn on background scanning and proactive scanning in the antivirus software on your Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 computer

Server ActiveSync does not download all items during a synchronization session
ActiveSync uses HTTP to retrieve data so if you have mailboxes working in the environment it should work for any new mailbox databases you add
Do you have any front end servers?
Verify that the correct server name has been entered on the device (FQDN that resolves to the external IP address for your Exchange server)
Verify that the device can browse the internet
iris01Author Commented:
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