Can't use Folder Variables with Robocopy

I’m trying to setup an automated backup using Robocopy to a network folder with the system date used in the folder name. I currently have a system variable used to create a folder name, but when use the variable in the Robocopy destination folder, the value of the variable gets lost. Here is the batch file I’m executing:

@ECHO on 
   IF [%1]==[] goto s_start 

   ECHO Returns the date independent of regional settings 
   ECHO Creates the environment variables %v_year% %v_month% %v_day% 
   ECHO       GETDATE 
   GOTO :eof 


   FOR /f "tokens=2-4 skip=1 delims=(-)" %%G IN ('echo.^|date') DO ( 
      FOR /f "tokens=2 delims= " %%A IN ('date /t') DO ( 
         SET v_first=%%G 
         SET v_second=%%H 
         SET v_third=%%I 
         SET v_all=%%A 

      SET %v_first%=%v_all:~0,2% 
      SET %v_second%=%v_all:~3,2% 
      SET %v_third%=%v_all:~6,4% 

      echo set month
      SET /a d1=%v_all:~0,2% 

      echo set day
      SET /a d2=%v_all:~3,2% 

      echo set year
      SET /a d3=%v_all:~6,4% 

REM Create folder w/sys date - works well
	set /a %bkup% = x:\#Bkup-%d1%_%d2%_%d3%
	md %bkup%
	md %bkup%\Docs
		%bkup%\TG-Docs\ *.* /E /r:3 /NP 
		/XD "c:\Recycler" "C:\Users\TG\Recycler" "c:\System Volume Information" 

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Tony GiangrecoAsked:
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In the parameters passed to robocopy.exe, is %bkup%\TG-Docs\ in line 46 supposed to be the destination folder?  I don't see how it could be the source folder, since you've only just created the folder with md.  Or is something else creating it?  But if it's the destination, then the *.* is in the wrong place.  Sorry, but the line feed after C:\Users\TG\Documents at line 45 makes it a bit ambiguous.  Also, if it is the destination, then the name doesn't quite match the name in the md command at line 43 (i.e. there's a TG- missing from line 43, or it should be omitted from line 46).
There is no need for a pattern which *.* is.
put echo in front of the robocopy command and see what the command is.

The issue is the the exclusion /XD has to preceed each entry i.e.
/XD "c:\Recycler" "C:\Users\TG\Recycler" "c:\System Volume Information"  is likely invalid

/XD "c:\Recycler"  /XD "C:\Users\TG\Recycler" /XD "c:\System Volume Information"

a better option is to use
/XD "recycler" /XD "system Volume Information"

Not sure you are excluding location that are not part of the source and should never be reached.
The log is over written everytime it runs.
/LOG+:X will append data if that is what you are looking for.

What output are you getting in the log?
Where to start?
set /a %bkup% = x:\#Bkup-%d1%_%d2%_%d3%
1. You're using the arithmetic assignment here; you're probably getting an error about a missing operand. If not, the variable would be 0, because the interpreter will treat any strings as variables.
2. You're not assigning the variable "bkup" a value, you're assigning a value to the expanded content of the variable "bkup".
3. Even without the % signs around it, you'd assign the variable "bkup " (including the trailing space!) a value (with a leading space!), because of the spaces around the equal sign. You'd need to use "%bkup %" later, not "%bkup%".
md %bkup%
Double quotes around the path are missing; if %bkup% (which has a rather undefined value, see above) contains a space, the command will fail. In addition, it's unnecessary anyway, since robocopy will create the target folder if it doesn't exist.
md %bkup%\Docs
See above, and this command would make the first one redundant as well; "md" will create the complete tree specified.
And here's the main reason for the failure:

A batch script is read and executed line by line; your script is running the command "robocopy.exe" (which won't do anything without arguments), then the command "C:\Users\TG\Documents", which isn't a program, etc.
You can't just add spaces or line breaks to a batch script just for formatting reasons, the interpreter can and will be very literal-minded.

Try the script below instead; I've used a different method to retrieve the date, and rearranged the time stamp to Year_Month_Date, which creates a folder structure that sorts by date by default. If you feel like it, you can re-order that again in line 13.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
REM *** Get the current date (and time) information, independent of the format settings.
REM *** Runs on XP, Win7, W2k3, W2k8, W2k8R2 (and probably Vista)
set /a Line=0
for /f "tokens=1-9" %%a in ('wmic Path Win32_LocalTime Get Day^,DayOfWeek^,Hour^,Minute^,Month^,Quarter^,Second^,WeekInMonth^,Year ^| find /v ""') do (
  set /a Line += 1
  if "!Line!"=="1" (set VarA=%%a&set VarB=%%b&set VarC=%%c&set VarD=%%d&set VarE=%%e&set VarF=%%f&set VarG=%%g&set VarH=%%h&set VarI=%%i)
  if "!Line!"=="2" (set !VarA!=%%a&set !VarB!=%%b&set !VarC!=%%c&set !VarD!=%%d&set !VarE!=%%e&set !VarF!=%%f&set !VarG!=%%g&set !VarH!=%%h&set !VarI!=%%i)
for %%a in (Day DayOfWeek Hour Minute Month Quarter Second WeekInMonth) do (if !%%a! LSS 10 set %%a=0!%%a!)
REM *** At this point, the variables Day, DayOfWeek, Hour, Minute, Month, Quarter, Second, WeekInMonth, and Year are set.
set TimeStamp=%Year%_%Month%_%Day%
set Source=C:\Users\TG\Documents
set Target=X:\#Bkup-%TimeStamp%\TG-Docs
set LogFile=X:\Log-TG-Docs-%TimeStamp%.txt
robocopy.exe "%Source%" "%Target%" *.* /E /r:3 /NP /XD "C:\Recycler" "C:\Users\TG\Recycler" "C:\System Volume Information" /Log:"%LogFile%"

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/XD can be followed by any number of folder paths; after /XD, all following paths are assumed to be excluded until the next option (starting with "/") is found.

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Tony GiangrecoAuthor Commented:
Great solution and follow through. Theapp ran perfectly on the 1st try. Thanks!!!
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