Outlook sending multiple meeting requests to the same person

I have aproblems with one user where when they send out a meeing request to an external party, when that party replies and subsequently an amendment is made by the requester, then multiple mails head out back to the 3rd party. This doesn't happen internally...


requester > sends meeting request to 3rd party >3rd party replies > requestor ammends original meeting request > 3rd party recieves 2 or 3 ammended meeting invites ( all identical )

there are no deligates hidden or ortherwise on this mailbox.. this happens to ANY external party...

even the outgoing request shows the 3rd party listed twice or 3 times in the TO: field.

any ideas? cheers

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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
did you tried same in owa? if it works fine then can you try to delete and recreate the outlook profile then give a try.
PlacesForPeopleAuthor Commented:
sill on going.. unable to find a solution
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