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I have done a swing installation of Exchange2010 in an exchange 2003 organization.
The exchange 2003 server works as an internal relay for various application servers and so on. For relaying we use an mailtest-user.
So what do I have to do in Exchange to get internal relaying working with authentification.

I have 2 trusted authorized domains: is the name of the windows domain.
test-online is the name of the email-domain. We have no edge server and the exchange is not published to the internet.
We have mailboxes at an external provider which get collected by popcon.

So what I would like to do is sending internal mails via SMTP (application server) to internal addresses.

I always get an error that the exchange 2010 dropped the connection because he doesn`t like the sender name.

What do I have to do?

Thanks a lot
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Hi there,

I had to use an existing mailbox as user for authentication.
It sender email address has to be the same as the authentication user.
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