how do I find out what program created a file that no longer has a file extension

I have a file that' either corrupted or had the file extension changed. I think it's probably had the extension renamed. How can I find out what program created the file?
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
If you open in a text editor you will mostly see gobblety-gook.  What you want to look for is the header information (I'm fairly sure that was what davealford was getting at).  The header will identify the program that created it or at least the type of file.  You may need to look at it in a hex editor.  Universal Viewer is a portable application that will open virtually any file.
davealfordIt SupportCommented:
Opening it in a text editor may show what created it
If it's Unix/Linux try

file filename
knfitzAuthor Commented:
It windows and what do I look for in a text editor?
davealfordIt SupportCommented:
yep that's what I met - it doesn't work for everything but, works for most office type files etc. (except Access database files that is .... backup the file BEFORE opening it if there's any chance it's a .mdb)
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