How can I verify that my Sever MS SBS 2003 has the correct domain name, Server name etc... that relects the companys SSL

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What  must I do to configure correctly our DNS on our company server that is in our SSL and the registered domain nsame with the current IP address of the server matching the site that host the SSL?  When I do a NSLOOKUP an IP address shows the company that host the site with their IP address and our server name and IP cannot be found. What must I do in order to sync our server info such as Pri DNS name, IP, and server name against the info in our SSL. Our current server name is server, and for the domain name is hdh.local.  The cert shows our domain as  or I think it is I just need to know how I can configure our server correctly to match what is in our registered domain name and SSL -

Many Thanks
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On the SBS Console you can run the Connect to Email and Internet Connection Wizard

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