Exchange 2010 Prompting for Password

I am running into an issue.  I just implemented a new installation of Exchange 2010 into the company here.  They were using another hosted pop mail solution so no issues with legacy email systems.  Everything is running just fine, but I am getting random users that keep getting prompted for their username and password.  It keeps popping up with a "Need Password" in the bottom right corner of outlook and once typed in they are fine.  Next time they start they may get prompted again.  Even if you check to remember password it will still pop up again.  I am using RPC over HTTP and am thinking it may have something to do with that but not sure.  Can anyone help me resolve this.

Much appreciated.
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This is a problem that can be caused by a few things, but I have fixed it most times by applying the latest Exchange service pack.

It can also be caused by out od date certifcates and a few other things, but try the updates first.


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APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
What is the most recent SP for exchange?
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
Just looked and now downloading SP2 for Exchange 2010?
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Its SP2...
Thats the one....
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
Okay installed SP2 and rebooted the server.  I am still running into the issue.  I still have users that are getting prompted for their password.  If they enter it all works fine.  They should not have to though.  It should just authenticate them with their windows credentials.  At least that is how it has always been for Exchange 2007 and lower for me.  I do not get prompted for mine and I am on Office 2010.  The other people are on Office 2007 from what I have seen.  I even tried to uncheck the Outlook anywhere and it still prompted.

Any other ideas.
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
Does this need to change
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
Any other ideas anyone???????
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

I resolved the problem on m own.  After thorough searches I found that I purchased the wrong SSL cert for Exchange 2010.  I have purchased the correct one and set it up for autodiscovery.  Thanks for your help anyways
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
I ended up resolving the issue on my own.  There were no suggestions provided that lead me to a solution.
I did mention certificates as an option in my first comment.

APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
You are correct and I apologize for missing that.  I just requested to reopen the post to award you the points.  Sorry about the confusion.
APWIP-AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  Sorry for the delay in the points.
I am having the same issue; however I believe my certificates are implemented properly. How can I confirm that whey should be?
We have the same issue. Certificates appear to be correct with Autodiscover in the cert. We are on Exchange 2010 with SP2 and still users are getting prompted to login. It seams randon while on the local network and happens more regularly when connected via HTTP/Outlook Anywhere.
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