Can i use normal hard drive inside a HDD Caddy with HP DL180 ?


I wonder if i can use some normal hard drives like 2TB HITACHI 7200/SATA 6G/64MB inside a Caddy with HP ProLiant DL180 G6 ?

Will this cause any issues in Mirror raid, or/and will it work at all, and can i use ( if possible ) - 6 mirrors of 2 TB with this (  2TB HITACHI 7200/SATA 6G/64MB ) hard drive ?
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Yes, but ... make it an "enterprise" class disk.  Not a cheap consumer desktop drive.  Otherwise, you put your data at risk.  Ignoring the fact that the enterprise class drives are architected for 24x7x365 and consumer drives are architected for 8x5x300 ... the enterprise drives have special firmware.  This firmware changes the timeout and error recovery algorithms.

bottom line, you risk data if you use that drive on the SMARTArray controller, which is designed for disks with this enterprise firmware (google TLER).     But non-RAIDed drives will be fine.
YordanYanakievAuthor Commented:
hmm ... this is bad :|

would you mind to elaborate what is "enterprise" alike disk? ( because i am not very familiar with )
I am just looking for a cheap solution for storing some data.

Can i use the drives on non SMART Array controller with this DL180 server ?
The enterprise class disks are sometimes called "server" drives.  if you go to the seagate or wd sites, then they all have lots of information.  Just go through the selector and answer if you are looking for home or business.   Some of the differences include
 - architected for 24x7 vs 2400hrs/year
 - 10-100X greater ECC, so errors are fewer
 - $500 vs $150
 - different firmware .. timing so that if there is a unrecoverable read error, enterprise drives give up after 1-2 seconds, presumably because a RAID controller will get the data elsewhere.  While desktop drives might try 30-60 seconds PER BAD BLOCK. You want a desktop drive to go to extreme efforts to get that old wedding photo back, so it is good for desktops.  But problem is the disk locks up , so raid controller thinks the drive died while it tries to recover. this is why your data will be at risk. If drive goes into deep recovery, the smartarray will kill it.

If you want cheap storage, get an eSATA controller, so you can connect it externally, and you will be no worse off then if you attached that disk to a desktop PC.   Alternately, configure the HP controller to disable RAID, so it sees individual disks, then let your O/S do RAID1.  

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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
You can certainly buy 3rd party caddys, although the caddy required for DL180 G6 isn't the same as DL380 since the 100 series aren't quite ProLiants. As dlethe says you can't use desktop drives on a Smart Array controller though, and that's the main percieved saving with using your own trays.

Disabling RAID on a Smart Array controller is an interesting thought, it can be done but the tool to do it is only available for HP's Itanium based servers. What fun you could have as a test engineer by proving the card worked correctly, disabling RAID and then putting it in the pile of ProLiant spares. I'm pretty sure it remembers it on reboots even though it needs some extra EFI code to be uploaded.
YordanYanakievAuthor Commented:
is the raid controller of this server support this option - disabling hardware raid, and make it from the OS ?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
No, it's not supported to disable hardware RAID on that server and it's nigh on impossible to do. You can setup single disks in RAID0 but I think the controller will still drop them if they go into deep reccovery.
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