Having problems inserting parameters from C#/.NET into Oracle database

Dear fellow developers:

I am having problems inserting data into an Oracle database using parameters using C#/.NET within a program called "Visual Web Ripper".  I've been told that Oracle identifies parameters by using ":", which is precisely what I've done in my code (attached below).  Because there are several rows I am inserting into this table, I created a variable (i) that I am trying to increment within a while loop and then inserting it along with the data into the table.  When I run this code, I get the following error:

ORA-01722: invalid number

If I simply omit the reference to (i), and replace it with a static value so that my line reads:

args.Database.SetSql("insert into OwnerTender (SYSID, OWNID, TNDRNUM,SHORTDESC) values ('17', '66666666', ':TenderID', ':Description')");

my code literally inserts ":TenderID", and ":Description" into the columns, and never goes into my while loop to iterate through the data that I have extracted, nor inserts the data into my table.  

Can anyone see where I am going wrong?

Thanks in advance to all who reply.
public static bool ExportData(WrExportArguments args)
			int i = 0;
			//First we set the SQL we'll use to insert data into the database table.      
			//The Database connection has already been set by defining a shared script       
			//database. Visual Web Ripper will automatically open and close the       
			//database connection.      			
		//	args.Database.SetSql("insert into OwnerTender (SYSID, OWNID, TNDRNUM,SHORTDESC) values ('1', '88888888', '3333', '33333')");   
			args.Database.SetSql("insert into OwnerTender (SYSID, OWNID, TNDRNUM,SHORTDESC) values (':i', '66666666', ':TenderID', ':Description')");
			//Loop htough all the export tables
			foreach (WrExportTableDefinition table in args.ExportData.TablesDefinitions.Tables)
				//Open a data reader for the current table
				WrExportTableReader reader = args.ExportData.GetTableReader(table.TableName);
					//Loop though all rows in the current data table and write them to the target database.
					while (reader.Read())
						args.Database.SetParameterIntValue("SYSID", i++);

			return true;
		catch (Exception exp)
			return false;

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remove the quotes from the bind variables

(:i, '66666666', :TenderID, :Description)

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fsyedAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your prompt reply.  I had no idea I was this stupid!  :-)

Points well deserved!
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