Second Life game issue

Have a customer that is swapping out their 2 year old Sony Vaio all in one (64bit Windows 7 with 4GB of RAM) with a newer Sony Vaio (W7, 64bit, i5, 4GB RAM).

Second life worked well on the old computer but stutters terribly on the new one.

The old computer ran fine with the Phoenix and Firestrom viewers... the new one works poorly with either viewer.

I know nothing about Second Life but assume that it should work better on a newer computer.
Sheldon LivingstonConsultantAsked:
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Make sure you install DirectX 9.0c  on the Windows 7 PC.  Because Win7 comes with DX11 Microsoft didn't bother to add it to the operating system but older games like SL need it to run the graphics correctly.

Try this SL Viewer

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What video card did the old system have? What video card does the new system have?
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