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Hi ,

 I am using the following java script to generate a dependent text-box when "Other" is selected out of the dropdown for market type.

My issue is that, when I use reset link to reset the values, it's working for all the fileds except for the
"other market" text field that shows up when the "other" is selected from the market type dropdown.

I cannot see any reason why it won't work for the "other market" text field, when the same code  works for  text field fields like "email" and "phone number".


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check this.

function otherMarketDisplay(doc,elem) {
txt = doc.options[doc.selectedIndex].value;
document.getElementById(elem).style.display = 'none';
if ( txt.match(elem) ) {
document.getElementById(elem).style.display = 'block';

function clearForm() {
		document.getElementsByName('Phone Number')[0].value = '';
		alert('before getElementsByName(Email)[0].value = ;');
		document.getElementsByName('Email')[0].value = 'Required';
		alert('AFTER getElementsByName(Email)[0].value = ;');	
		alert('before getElementsByName(Primary Market)[0].value = ;');	 
		document.getElementsByName('Primary Market')[0].selectedIndex = 'Primary Market'; 
		alert('AFTER getElementsByName(Primary Market)[0].value =Primary Market ;');		
		//document.getElementsByName('Company Type')[0].selectedIndex = 'Company Type'; 
		alert('before getElementsByName("Other Market")[0].value = ;');
		document.getElementsByName("Other Market")[0].value = '';
		alert('AFTER getElementsByName("Other Market")[0].value = ;');



<td><div class="formLabel">Phone Number </td>
<td><input name="Phone Number" value="<%=phoneNumber%>" type="text" onfocus ="clearText(this)" style="width:294px;"/></td>

<td><div class="formLabel">E-mail Address </td>
<td><input id="validate" name="Email" value="<%=email%>" type="text" onfocus ="clearText(this)" style="width:294px;"/></td>

<td><div class="formLabel" style="text-align:left">market type?</td>

<td><select id="validate" name="Primary Market"  style="width:300px;" onchange="otherMarketDisplay(this,'otherMarket');">
<option value="<%=primaryMarket %>"><%=selectedPrimaryMarket %></option>
<option value="ATech">ATech</option>
	<option value="Btech">Btech</option>
	<option value="DTech">DTech</option>
	<option value="GTech">GTech</option>
	<option value="LabTech">LabTech</option>
	<option value="MTech">MTech</option>
	<option value="otherMarket">Other</option>

<tbody id="otherMarket" style="display: none;">
<td><div class="formLabel" style="text-align:left">Other Market</div></td>
<td><input type="text" name="Other Market" value="<%=otherMarket%>"  onfocus ="clearText(this)"/></td>

<td width=80>		
<td align="left"><a href="javascript:clearForm()">Reset Form</a></td>


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i didnt find 'Company Type' drop down so i commented it.apart from this when you are givning names or id's to text boxes and dropdowns gdont use spaces in between the names;

use 'Company_Type'  Other_Market
check this on how to reset the form.

function clearForm(oForm) {
var frm_elements = document.forms[0].elements;
for (i = 0; i < frm_elements.length; i++)  

    field_type = frm_elements[i].type.toLowerCase();  
    switch (field_type)  

    case "text":  
    case "password":  
    case "textarea":  
    case "hidden":  
        frm_elements[i].value = "";  
    case "radio":  
    case "checkbox":  
        if (frm_elements[i].checked)  
            frm_elements[i].checked = false;  
    case "select-one":  
    case "select-multi":  
        frm_elements[i].selectedIndex = -1;  



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Hi all,

  In fact my issue was that, I was using "Other" in many places in my code, hence the script was confused as to how to act on the code. So I had to make the labels and variables slightly different from
each other, then it worked.

  Thank you all for your help and happy new year.


It was an issue of confusion because of the way the variables / labels were set up with the same name as per the requirements.That had to be worked on carefully to over come the confusion for the java script.

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