kdump not gathering info for crash dump

I have a server that is experiencing crashs. I have configured kdump on the server, including editing the sysctl.conf

# Controls the System Request debugging functionality of the kernel
kernel.sysrq = 1

# Reboot the server 10 seconds after a kernel panic
kernel.panic = 10



and have installed and have running Kdump as can be confirmed in service and chkconfig.

However I am not getting any output to the /var/crash directory when there is a crash. This machine has started to crash more and more, and I am not sure why I am gettting these errors. Can anyone help me in trying to find out why there are no logs?
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ryan80Author Commented:
i should have mentioned this as well. The server is not rebooting either. It is just hanging at the panic screen.

I want to do some testing with manually causing a panic, but need to wait for a maintenance window.
Maybe 10 seconds is not enough time to allow the dump to complete.  That would depend on your machine performance.
ryan80Author Commented:
no response
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