VBA Excel - Cells(row,col).value question

Both of the following statements are working.  Is the ".value" optional ?

Cells(RowCount, 7) = CommissionAmt

Cells(RowCount, 7).value = CommissionAmt
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I have not seen any official documentation on whether it's a default method but I'd keep it in for several reasons:
- All the documentation shows that it's proper form to include it.
- Perhaps sometime in the future, they'll be changes to VBA which might throw a monkey wrench into your code that DOES NOT include the "dot value" clause.
- Think about the future programmers who will be maintaining your code once you move in.  KEEP IT IN!
I believe so. I've used also both solutions and both work well. I'm not sure what is the difference, if there is...
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Frequently both work OK but there may be instances where it would not work and would become a nightmare to debug it. So it is safest to always use it.
It's the default method, therefore can be omitted. But generally, it's wise to write it, 'cause of the code appearance and orientation
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