Running a batch file which is saved in a share file

When ever I create a batch file and saved it in a share location, I am unable to call the batch file from the share location through a script because of Windows security warning

Is there any way to skip this windows security warning so that I can call the batch files through a script?
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You cant call network file with UNC ("\\server\file") path in DOS. Map network folder as Network Drive, eg. "U:\" and then call file with something like "U:\file" ...
Bill PrewCommented:
What warning are you getting?

Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Is the warning about UNC pathnames? You can't for example set a UNC working directory on a DOS prompt, you'll get this warning:

"CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories."

You should map a network drive to a UNC path, change dir to the mapped drive letter and then call your batch from that directory.
That is what i wrote in first post... Map network drive than refer to that network drive or if your clients are on Winxp or later you can use vbs scripts ..
jmohan0302Author Commented:
I got the tips its working. Thanks
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