ActiveX and VBA - Applications Question

Can anyone tell me what can be done with VBA within the context of ActiveX?
Someone mentioned flexibility and easy use.   Is this true?

What are the possibilities?
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Calvin BrineCommented:
Are you looking for information on ActiveX or VBA?  Sort of two different topics.

If VBA, then yes, it's very flexible as long as you have knowledge of VB and know the Excel object well.  I've used it do everything from logging into remote sites, downloading files/informatoin to using it as a mass mailer for email linked directly into an STMP server, extracting the Global Address list from Exchange, a front end for SQL databases, as well as a thousands of different solutions on just the spreadsheet data.  If you can do something with VB, you can pretty much do it with VBA.

ActiveX refers to controls, and Excel comes with a few different ones(Buttons, Radio Buttons, scrollbars,etc).  The beauty of ActiveX is that you can download/create custom controls, which improves the usability of Excel

Calvin BrineCommented:
The activeX controls can be referred to within your activeX code, which gives you access to thier functions and methods to do things that you would not be able to do without building them yourself.  They can be visible or invisible tools.  I've used the Internet Explorer control a few different times, as well as a Folder Treeveiw control from CCRP site.
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Your data definitely helps.  But I'm sorry.  I should have been clearer.  How does one use  ActiveX controls within VBA?  When i go into the VB editor, My control palette doesn't show an ACTIVEX button.  Or an IE control button.  (I'm assuming the IE control is different from an ACTIVEX control?

What are the features of the Internet Explorer control do?
What are some things you can do with ACTIVEX controls within an Excel sheet

I'm new to ACTIVEX.  My purpose in asking all of this is to put a 10 minute demo together of VBA using ACTIVEX controls that I can show my boss.
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brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Ideally, I'd like to give a demo of an ACTIVEX control within Excel.
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
I'd like to have an example of VBA using an ACTIVEX control; a simple one that I can use to demonstrate to my boss.
Calvin BrineCommented:
  To add a custom ActiveX control, you will need to have the developer tab visible on the ribbion.  You can activate it by pressing the Office Button(Round one in top left corner), select Excel options, and check the "SHow Developer tab in the Ribbion" checkbox, then press OK.

Now click on the "Developer" tab, and press click on the "Insert" button.  You will see "Form Controls" and "ActiveX" controls.  If you click on the little hammer, which should be the last icon, it open the more controls dialog.   This will allow you to select from all ActiveX controls installed on your system, and allow you to select new custom ActiveX controls.

As far as what they can do, pretty much the sky is the limit.  They can be even driven buttons, the internet explorer control, serial port controls, etc...

The biggest issue you will find is that documentation is not availble with most controls, so you will need to do research to figure out exactly how to use them.  Standard Controls have some good infromation available on the net, but custom controls will need to have the documenation available when you download to use.  I would caution you on using custom controls, since the PC you are running your processes on will need to have the custom control added and registered in order for it to work.  

I've added the web browser control to the attached file, so you can see how a basic one works.  

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Calvin BrineCommented:
OK, looks like the file didn't load. Web-Browser-Control.xlsm
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