Network/storage/sys requirements to deploy a a multi site SQL 2008 cluster with automatic failover

Hi Experts,

One of my clients would like to setup a multi site SQL 2008 cluster with automatic failover.They want to do geographically dispersed clusters with SQL Server 2008

My design as per below:

Deploy a 4-node (2x2) cluster, and use the traditional node and file share majority. I'm guessing we need to use VLANs just like versions prior to it.

Please clarify, how many vlans should I setup to allow HA and full DR? Please keep in mind that we do have 2 physical sites

Should I use a single VLAN for the intracluster communication, another VLAN for local network communication, and another one for the intrasite communication?

What storage/server requirements can achieve this?

What best practices do you recommend for database logs, DBs, replicaton across sites, etc?

Best practices for networking/storage/AD/SQL?

What physical network components, such as switches, etc do you recommend?

Any special hotfix required for the physical clusters?

Since this is a consulting question, please I would like to read feedback from multiple people,
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Windows 2008 R2 can be across different subnets.
One should utilize one NIC for the public network connection that is also configured as (mixed mode, both public traffic and cluster traffic).  
As well a separate NIC for cluster traffic (heartbeat).
See Multi-site clusters in the following MS doc:

Or search for :  
Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2008 R2

The type and brand of SAN and type of access (fiber channel or iSCSI) could determine how the data is going to replicated.

As far AD goes a host at each site as a minimum.
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