IF(AND Statement in Conditional Formatting.

I need conditional formatting applied if

A5:A100 = *
J5:J100 =  Not Open*

Getting an error on below

="IF(AND(A5:A100>="*",J5:J100<>"Not Open*"),"TRUE", "FALSE")
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Get rid of the " symbol between = and IF.

barry houdiniCommented:
Are you using * as a wildcard or a literal * ?

Can you give an example - what cell contents for A5 and J5 would trigger conditional formatting. If you want the row formatted when A5 is not blank and J5 begins with "Not Open" then you can't use wildcards (and you don't need IF) try like this

=AND(A5<>"",LEFT(J5,8)="Not Open")

If applied to the range A5:A100 or similar then Excel automatically adjusts the references - formula should reference first row only

regards, barry
mato01Author Commented:
Had to incorporate both solutions.  Thanks
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