how to find sizeof(recordset) in ?

dim rs as new adodb.recordset "select * from emp",cn ....
how to find sizeof(rs)  or memoryoccupied(rs)
I want to find how many bytes  has occupied  for  rs while that appliation is running ?

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tamilsoftAuthor Commented:
how to calculate in coding ?
Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoASP .Net DeveloperCommented:
Assuming you have a table inside a dataset, thus:

Dim daTemp As New SqlDataAdapter("select * from Temp",oconn)

Dim dsTemp As New DataSet("Temp")

daprod.Fill(dsTemp, "Temp")

dim i as integer

i = dsprod.tables(0).rows.count

Hope this help
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tamilsoftAuthor Commented:
expert mister "Masteraco".  your answer is wrong.  I dont ask about  sql table record count.
I asked is   I want to find TotalBytes(recordset).

Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoASP .Net DeveloperCommented:
Probably you could do it taking the number of columns and determine the size of each column by its datatype for fixed-length datatypes.

Calculate the space used for any nullable columns Then calculate the rowspace:

Row_Size = Fixed_Data_Size + Variable_Data_Size + Null_Bitmap + 4

tamilsoftAuthor Commented:
I dont understand. please explain
what is fixed_Data_size  ?
what is variable_Data_size  ?
what is Null_Bitmap +4 ?
Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoASP .Net DeveloperCommented:
fixed data size is where the field type is varchar nvarchar and you explicity specify the size of the data.

Variable data size in where the field type is ntext and those fields that the size are variable.

And null bitmap in in the case you have image fields.
tamilsoftAuthor Commented:
ok."Masteraco". your answer creates idea. I want  sizeof(datatypes)  for oracle. but you have told sizeof(datatypes) for sql server.
I want sizes for   oracle.
Alfredo Luis Torres SerranoASP .Net DeveloperCommented:

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