Site CSS breaking when adding item in or out of shopping cart

I am developing a website with ExpressionEngine, Exp:resso Store. The template was working ok, but i added some ExpressionEngine tags to the cart preview up the top right hand corner - and now when you add something to your cart, or remove something from your cart or empty your cart, the site layout breaks and goes to the side, then comes back again - toggling between being alright and not being alrigh when you add, remove or clear your cart - hoping someone could shed some light on this.

The site is at 
U: techhelp
P: techhelp23$

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Jesus RodriguezIT ManagerCommented:
check the div tag for the wrapper_sec, must be close after <div id="fancybox-tmp"/>
Check both pages and you will see the difference
sadar2Author Commented:
Thank you! works now!
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