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hey guys,
could anyone throw a little light to my problem,  

creating an offline application and an on-line application, when the sales agent is on the road without access to the internet they can enter the information about the customer and the order into the system.

When they come back in the office, i want them to sync the information back to the server and download the latest copy, what is the best way of doing this without the record key duplicating, as record 1 might end up being entered by lots of people.

Many Thanks.
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Create the PHP application and set a constant containing the address of the "Central Server".

Install Apache/MySQL locally on each agent's laptop.

When they execute the application on localhost, they see the "Readonly Live Interface" and the "Temp Insert Interface".

The Temp insert interface stores customer/order information in temp tables with temp primary keys.

When the agent gets internet access, they click their "Sync" key on their Temp insert interface and:
1) Their localhost communicates with the Central Server and sends all the temp customer and temp order information
2) Their localhost syncs its permanent records with the records of the Central Server
2.5) [You may add extra checks here to make sure you received at least all the records you sent]
3) The localhost deletes its temp data

The agent is now ready to go mobile again.

The "temp-to-permanent" transfer and the "syncing-from-central" part can either be implemented with POSTs or with the use of a Web Service.

Good luck.
I would start by setting them up with differing start IDs each morning for each person so that no keys are duplicates, base this beginning key on the last inserted id currently in the online database. Their local tables (offline) would then be turned into insert statements for the online database at the end of each day.  You would need to make sure you have more than enough IDs for each person, or you will end up with duplicates.
Amar BardoliwalaCommented:
Hello Benji,

I do not know if I understood your problem well.

But, one solution could be as following.

You can have synchronization_id in offline table.

Synchronization_id will empty initially.

When you enter values in online db, synchronization_id will contain primary key value of online table for that record.

So later you can retrieve data using synchronization_id for each offline record.

Hope this will help.

Thank You.

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