Excel 2010 files opening as read-only.

I am haveing an issue with a users who has created a number of spreadsheet in Excel 2003.  I upgraded her to Office 2010, and did all the service paks (I think).  When she opens an ".xls" sheet it opens with "read only"...the error message specifies that the file is open by "" (a blank user???".  The only work around I have found is to "save-as" a 2010 Excel spreadsheet.  Is ther something I am missing or is there a real solution to this problem.   Thanks in advance for your reply.
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See:   http://support.microsoft.com/kb/814112
for suggestions...

Is the file on a network share?  This could be a problem...
What AntiVirus program is used?  The AV program might be scanning the file while trying to open in Excel, causing this error...

See the article for more possibilities...
infosys3Author Commented:
MS KB article was somewhat helpful, but it did lead me to a solution.  Since I could open these speadsheets in 2003, but got an error message about "read-only" when opening same spreadsheet in 2010 I found that going to Options in 2010 Excel, then File and checking to be sure that the file was being "saved" as .xls rather than *.xlxs.   It seemed to solve my problem.  Many thanks for your speedy reply, I appreciate it.
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