BES 5.0 SP3 install


We're looking to get our environment ready for Ex2010 and will be upgrading our BES from 5.0.1 MR2 to 5.0 SP3 and whatever the latest MR is.  

I see mention you need to uninstall MDS Integration Services before installing SP3.  I can't see a service called "MDS Integration service" on the BES but there is one called BlackBerry "MDS Connection Service" - is this the same thing.

Also whats the process for upgrading to SP3 like, pretty straightforward? I remember 4 >5 was a bit of a nightmare.


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The MDS Integration Service is not the MDS Connection service.

You have to login to the BAS page and you will get that to uninstall.

Please check the below KB:

See this below KB 24541 which will gives idea about Service Packs.

The correct order to start the BlackBerry Enterprise Server services is detailed below:

    BlackBerry Router
    BlackBerry Dispatcher
    BlackBerry Controller
    All remaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server services

The following is the order in which to stop the BlackBerry Enterprise Server services:

    BlackBerry Controller
    BlackBerry Dispatcher
    BlackBerry Router
    All remaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server services


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SriHarsha KTechnical Services SpecialistCommented:
Hope this guides you for upgrading from BES 5.0.1 MR2 to BES 5.0 SP3.

And For a brief understanding,

BlackBerry MDS Connection Service : The BlackBerry MDS Connection Service permits users to access web content, the Internet, or your organization's intranet, and also permits applications on devices to connect to your organization's application servers or content servers for
application data and updates.

BlackBerry MDS Integration Service : The BlackBerry MDS Integration Service provides application-level integration for BlackBerry MDS Runtime Applications and BlackBerry Browser Applications on
devices. You can use the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service to install BlackBerry
MDS Runtime Applications and BlackBerry Browser Applications on devices.
The BlackBerry MDS Application Repository is a service hosted by the BlackBerry
MDS Integration Service. The BlackBerry MDS Application Repository stores
BlackBerry MDS Runtime Applications and BlackBerry Browser Applications.
Your organization's developers can create and publish BlackBerry MDS Runtime
Applications using the BlackBerry® MDS Studio or the BlackBerry® Plug-in for
Microsoft® Visual Studio® developer tools. Your organization's developers can
create BlackBerry Browser Applications using standard text editors and publish
BlackBerry Browser Applications in the BlackBerry MDS Application Repository
using the BlackBerry MDS Application Console.

Cheers ,
Have a good time.
kswan_expertAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replies guys. Below is the steps I’ll be taking for the upgrade. Can you pse peer review and advise if it looks OK:


We’re a stand-alone BES server on Win2k3 SP2 running v 5.0.1 MR2 on SQL 2005 Express. At this stage we’re an Ex2003 SP2 environment with 2 servers. No Ex2010 servers yet though we aim to shortly.

1      Take a snapshot of VM
2      Login in as bes admin a/c
3      Backup SQL database
4      Confirm and make a note of Config settings and CALs
5      Uninstall the Blackberry MDS Integration Service as per article 

 (Essentially, to do this I need to find the install\setup.exe for the exact version of the BES we have installed and run the setup again but untick the option for the MDS Integration service.  REBOOT. Then log into the BAS and delete MDS Integration service?)

The following is from the BB site and is best practise for installing an service pack.

6      Log in with Bes admin a\c, stop all BES services and set to Manual
              BlackBerry Router
                BlackBerry Dispatcher
                BlackBerry Controller
                All remaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server services

7      Reboot and login as Bes admin a\c, doublecheck that all services are stopped.
8      Run setup.exe and install
9      Confirm that all BlackBerry Enterprise Server services are started and the startup type should now be set to Automatic.
10      Open BlackBerry Manager. Select the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instance that was upgraded and click the Server Configuration tab. Confirm that the SRP status is Connected.
11      Reboot and check everything is working as expected. Install later hotfixes if required

Finally, ’ve seen mention that we may need to update - "Messaing API and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 is updated to version 6.5.8211.0 or higher"  Why/how/when do we do this and do we  need to change anything on the Exchange servers too?


SriHarsha KTechnical Services SpecialistCommented:
Kindly follow this for installation.
kswan_expertAuthor Commented:
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