how to do whenever i add windows form my custom class should be inherited automatically ?

every time while I add windows form  from project menu. automatically my custom class should be inherited as derive ?
what to do ?
is any  other way available for this purpose ?
how many no of ways available to fullfill my purpose ?
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>because I have 30 or 40  forms in my project.

Do you mean you want to convert the existing forms to inherit from your new class?
Kelvin McDanielSr. Developer/ConsultantCommented:
in the class definition add "Inherits {the type}"

So it looks like this...
Public Class YourDerivingClassName
    Inherits YourBaseClassName

    '' The class code

End Class

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Bob LearnedCommented:
There should be an option to add an Inherited Form, that lets you select the base form.
tamilsoftAuthor Commented:
ok. your answer is very very  correct.

my aim is I have my own custom class named "funs". whenever I add new windows form into my project, automatically my own class should be inherited as default, because I have 30 or 40  forms in my project.
is there alternative ways available ?
is there any readymade steps available ?
Kelvin McDanielSr. Developer/ConsultantCommented:
Create a new WinForms Item Template based on the existing one, with the Inherited Form set to "funs" or with the class set to "Inherits funs".
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