windows 7 64bit driver for a HP laserjet p4015tn

I am working with an almost brand new hp black and white p4015tn laserjet printer.  It has 3 trays and an envelope feeder attachment for the multipurpose feeder.  It was working well with a windows xp machine, and being shared to another windows xp machine.  Over the weekend I replaced the two xp machines with windows 7 64 bit PCs (they are dell optiplex 790).  I used the microsoft windows 7 driver that was automatically picked up when I connected the USB cable.  The users are reporting that the  envelope feeder and the trays are not functioning properly.

I searched the web, but could not find any driver, specifically built for the p4015tn, and for a windows 7 64bit OS.  Does anyone know if there is a good one out there, that exists, and if so where I can download it?  I could not get the Universal Print Driver to work, or recognize the printer.   Should I be dedicating my time to make that work, or is there a specific driver out there?  If I try more to get the UPD to work does anyone recommend the traditional or dynamic mode?  Does either one function better?

Thank you, in advance, so much for your help!
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I havent seen a specific driver for this model. I think the universal driver is all that is out there, but there are variations of PCL5/6/Postscript. In addition, there are specific firmware updates for the printer as well. You may want to check the firmware and update on another machine, then bring it back to the Windows 64bit driver.

On another note, I hope you did not install the 32 bit drivers on this machine in error. I had a user install the wrong drivers on a 64bit system, then ended up using the system restore function before I was able to get the correct drivers to install.

hope this helps.
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
PPIHXMAuthor Commented:
metallimirk, I definitely did not use any 32 bit drivers, so don't worry there.

equitrac michael, the drivers on that web page you posted a link to are the UPDs I was talking about.

Thank you both for your comments.
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> The users are reporting that the  envelope feeder and the trays are not functioning properly.

Do you mean they can't select the additional trays and envelope feeder? In that case you may have to "install" them in the driver. Go to printer Properties (from Printers & Faxes) and look through the tabs. There should be one called something like "Device Options" or "Device Settings" where you can tell the driver which options are installed.
since the printer is almost new, you should have the uinstall cd - does it lists any 64-bit drivers?
otherwise, try the VISTA 64-bit drivers; in most cases they also work
i suppose the adminiistrator kit software did not help either ?
PPIHXMAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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