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I have a project I'd like to migrate from traditional shared hosting to amazon ec2. I've read the documentation and I'm wondering how and which instances i should deploy given the following project needs :
A MySQL server keeping track of user data
A place to store uploaded user images
A front end flash and PHP environment running symfony

Should each of these be running on one micro server s3 backed or should they all have their own dedicated instances. Also is ebs backed a better idea or is it not worth the extra expense?

Thanks for your time
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Your design is solid, but being on the cloud brings new possibilities.

* You can use RDS instead of a MYSQL server. It has the advantage of providing so much more at basically the same cost.
* You can use S3 to store your images instead of EBS based file system. This has the advantage of cost and of delegating web server load to S3.
hbizAuthor Commented:
Actually let me rephrase the above question:

The project currently has:

-a MySQL server to store user data

-stores uploaded images from users. Images need to be retrieved later on using a url to the specific image.

-a flash and php frontend using symfony 1.4

-git based source control

- developer specific subdomains (ex: that has a copy of the site for dev work.

-requires SSL endpoints for parts of the site

My initial thought was to put the DB on it's own dedicated instance. The flash and php frontend on web server instances and store the uploaded images in a seperate EBS volume that's universally accessible. I would use cloudwatch to spawn new instances of the web server images when necessary and a load balancer to distribute the traffic.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time

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