Using and iPad and iPhone with an Internal Exchange Server

We are using Exchange Server within SBS 2011 for storing emails and internally sharing calendars, etc.  Because we are only an office of 7 people, we decided to use external eMail providers and download emails from those providers using Outlook.  This helped reduced most of the support needs compared to fully implemented Exchange.  Anyways, a couple of people are getting iPads and would like to access both their new and old emails remotely.  Obviously we are now confronted with how to access those emails once they are downloaded onto the server.  Hopefully this is making some sense.  I thought about using some product like PCAnywhere or remote desktop products but thought there might be a better way to gain access to the Exchange Server.  Because we are only talking about a couple of people, we do not want to fully implement Exchange.  I've also thought about Terminal Server but not sure if that is an option and would that even work with multiple different mailboxes?
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Your external email provider should have some kind of IMAP or RPC over HTTP (if its hosted exchange) option I would think.  And they can get and read their emails.  Just when they get back to the office they can drag them to their data file to be stored on the server.

That would be the easiest way I would think.
MrGDAuthor Commented:
That is true but rather confusing for individuals who are not very savvy with computers.  I am looking for an automatic way to sync.  I was reading something last night about Exchange ActiveSync and Hotmail now working together.  Anyone been using this?  Another option I have seen on the internet was CodeTwo Exchange Sync but the HotMail option seems like it would work more seamlessly.  Anyone used either of these or have used something that works for sure?
Use the built-in POP3 connector in SBS, let the server download the e-mail from the external provider into Exchange and populate Outlook.
Then set up your DNS records and allow the iPad's and iPhones connect to Exchange and receive all e-mail, calendars, etc.
Assuming you set up SBS correctly you should already have everything in place and should only need to add a DNS record at your host for and possibly redirect a couple of ports on your firewall like 80, 25, 443, etc.
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MrGDAuthor Commented:
I did not personally set-up the Exchange portion and forwarded your recommendations to him.  He responded:
"Leave a copy on the server for 7 days through pop. Unless you bring the email completely in house the calendar sync will be not be possible."  

Not sure exactly what he is saying but we are getting together later in the week to discuss details.  There was some reason we kept the email portion on the desktop but will get more details when we meet.

If you use the POP3 connector and synch the devices directly through Exchange, there is no reason Calendars wouldn't be avaiable. You essentially will be bringing it in-house but simply utilizing a smart host.
Good luck and please follow up to let us know what you come up with after meeting with your guy.

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MrGDAuthor Commented:
We will be perusing the above suggestion next week.  Please leave open it may not be addressed until after Dec 30.
MrGDAuthor Commented:
After a brief discussion with our Server person, he thinks that connecting email via exchange vs outlook would open up port 80 and increase vulnerability to the server.  Then thinking about implementing imap via a 3rd party which he thinks is a safer approach.  Can not think of any downside of this since we are a small shop and the costs of hosting the emails is low.  Are we getting off track and heading the wrong direction?
As long as you implement a business class firewall/router there is no great vulnerabiliy. Why pay for a 3rd party service when you already have a world class e-mail solution going to waste?
If your IT person is not familiar with implementing Exchange then do yourself a favor and find one that is. No disrespect intended.
MrGDAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay.  This is an off-site project and meeting next week.
MrGDAuthor Commented:
We will be implementing Exchange as wtandrews recommended.  Waiting for the go ahead on the hardware purchases.  One area of concern was spam filtering and virus scanning of the emails coming into the server.  There just is nobody to actively maintain and properly manage the server so thought that going to some 3rd party to scrub the emails before they are actually sent to the server made sense.
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