How to decide Best Internet Security for 2012?

Dear Experts,

I want to purchase one Total Internet Security s/w, but in google i could find different reviews about different  antivirus s/ws,

If possible kindly suggest me the best total internet security, or kindly share the website who wrote correct reviews about antivirus.
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Is it for a corporate environment or for personal use?  For an enterprise security, I've always used Trend Worry Free Business Security.  Works really well.  For personal use, if you're not stupid, the free antivirus solutions are good enough.  Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Free, etc.  Just stay away from Norton and McAfee.
Please don't buy a "Total Package" from any of the many vendors. My experience has been when any of them try to do everything, not of it is done very well.

I wrote an EE Article that addresses the primary actions you should take. Please read through and post any follow up questions you have.

MALWARE - "An Ounce of Prevention..."
BhanuSVSAuthor Commented:
Dear ryan_johnston:,

that is for personal use only, but i want to do Banking Txs also, so i can use free ware antivirus for this.
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Yes, its fine.  Anything with a "personal firewall" is doing too much.  They will block way too many things, even legit things and cause more headache than necessary.  My personal choice would be AVG Free.
BhanuSVS - Did you read my comments in the article about using the free Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)?

I have used/tested just about every AV product on the market and you can't do any better than MSE - when combined with the other protections I listed.

Under no circumstances should you be doing on-line banking with nothing but AVG Free.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Also online banking should use at least 2 factor authentication.  If your bank doesn't, change banks.
Avg has more frequent updates than mse and it seems to be better at stopping things mse hasn't.  I use mse myself because I know better than most ppl as well to not open or run thimgs you don't know what they are.  The least processing the application takes the better.

But, online banking is security is more on the banks aide than yours.

Remember this though, no virus protection will be any good if you allow something or give something permission to run because you thought it was safe. They're only as good as their operator.
AVG (Free) provides NOTHING but AV protection - which is only a small fraction of the malware lurking on the Internet.

No one should be surfing the Internet - and especially NOT on-line banking - if all they have is simple AV protection.

MSE provides daily scheduled updates every day and running a manual update is as simple as right-clicking the icon and selecting "Update"...which, BTW, is the same as AVG free.

"Avg...seems to be better at stopping things mse hasn't."

That is an opinion with which I strongly disagree, but if anyone has any reports of  neutral evaluations supporting it, I would be glad to learn more.
As I said, I don't even use AVG myself.  The free version is Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spam.  And yes, he will more than likely need some other kind of Anti-Spyware protection.

My "opinion" comes from very recent experience with the Motro virus that exposes weak passwords and rdp protocol. Nasty thing that infected an entire network (including the Win 7 laptops that were running MSE).  I couldn't find anything that would remove it, not ever AVG would.  MSE didn't even find it, at least AVG found it but it couldn't remove it as it was a rootkit virus.  Also, the ever so popular, new Internet Security 2012 (it has about 70 different names and design the name to your OS) which will report your hard drive having errors and also hide every single file on your computer.  MSE didn't stop it, AVG actually did stop it.

I'm not hating on MSE, its a very good free product.  Thats why I listed it in my initial response to the question.  And up until about 3 months ago, I would more than likely agree with you 100%.  But after I've been to about 5 different clients recently that have gotten viruses.  The only office that actually quarantined the virus was the one running AVG Business Security, and AVG Free uses the same definition database as that.
And just now kind of searching around looking at performance reviews as far a detection rate, false positives, etc...neither are actually at the top of the list.

Avira AV is coming in at the top of everything, then the 2,3,4 spot are mixed results between AVG, MSE, and Avast!.  No site had them in the same spot but they were all in top 5 for sure.

Between any of those, it really would be personal preference.  Any of them combined with smart decisions will be your best bet.
I prefer standalone antivirus/anti-malware than Security Suites and I'm using MSE for my resident antivirus and MalwareBytes for anti-malware.
Never been a fan of AVG, used to be an Avast fan but shift to MSE since currently it's the one that seems to be the best of all those free ones. But if I have to pay for an antivirus I'll go for Kaspersky.

Here's some review of Antivirus products, just click on the "Read Review" to review each one.

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Security Suites,2817,2369749,00.asp


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