SQL Server : Concatenate the values of the same column to get one column values

Hi I want to build a query that allows me to concatenate the differents values of the same column for the same line ID .... it is a kind of Group By ......

Attached you will see the view that I built and the view lines ..... Also I attached a code I found within some searches on the web but I didn't figure out how to adapt it to my case.

The final result should be a view that will get for each LineID ------> Value1, Value2, Valuex and so on .....  
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LowfatspreadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
like this...

select quoteid,quotenumber,projectname,numberofunits,representative,contactname
    ,Stuff((select ', '+taskname
              from quotetask as a
             inner join kpitasks as b
               on a.kpitaskid=b.kpitaskid
             where a.quoteid=w.quoteid
             order by taskname
             for xml path('')),1,2,'') as Tasks

from quoteworkflow as w
order by 1

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If I understand you correctly, this is what you need.

In  your case, you can separate the values by comma or whatever your requirements are.


This is the example code I used from that link, the part that says use when values are unknown.

WITH CTE ( Id, employee_id, charity_code, length ) 

          AS ( SELECT Id, CAST( '' AS VARCHAR(8000) ), CAST( '' AS VARCHAR(8000) ), 0

                 FROM employee_ded_amts

                GROUP BY Id

                UNION ALL

               SELECT p.Id, CAST( p.employee_id + '++'+

                      CASE WHEN length = 0 THEN '' ELSE ', ' END + p.charity_code AS VARCHAR(8000) ), 

                      CAST( p.charity_code AS VARCHAR(8000)), length + 1

                 FROM CTE c

                INNER JOIN employee_ded_amts p

                   ON c.Id = p.Id

                WHERE p.charity_code > c.charity_code )

SELECT Id, employee_id 

      FROM ( SELECT Id, employee_id, 

                    RANK() OVER ( PARTITION BY Id ORDER BY length DESC )

               FROM CTE ) D ( Id, employee_id, rank )

     WHERE rank = 1 ;

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I used ++ as delimiter and I got values like this screenshot.

In my example, I concatenated only 2 column names and I used ID as identifier.

venmarcesAuthor Commented:
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