Link Aggregation thru Trunk ports is cisco 3750

Hi all,
I have 2 Cisco 3750 switches in Stack at Site A and 2 Cisco 3750 switches in stack @ Site B.
I org. have leased to fibre links, and the provider converted to Ethernet link at both end.

Up-link ports in SITE A will be Gi1/0/24 for primary fiber & Gi2/0/24 for sec filber
Uplink ports in SITE B will be Gi1/0/24 for primary fiber & Gi2/0/24 for sec filber
Gi1/0/24 & Gi2/0/24 are configured as trunk links, with dot1q encapsulation

I am planning to have load balancing between SITE A and SITE B.  I came across etherchannel conf. Can anyone guide on it, for conf ether channels using trunk links. As I am new to this conf, step by step procedure & troubleshooting methods, will help me lot in quickly closing my assignment.
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InisaiAuthor Commented:
If Site A and Site B are more than a building apart, you must reconsider putting some routing there.

Trunking between distant sites is no so "best practice" so be carefull. If you have ospf running there, give it shot. Make routing links and not trunks and just let ospf do the balancing. It's superb. On the other hand if really really need the same vlans on both sites, then read the stuff about etherchannel on cisco. you have few basic commands to configure this.

clean the config on G1/0/24 and 2/0/24, put it in etherchannel group. You'll get new Portchannel interface. Just make it trunk and that;s all there is to it.

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InisaiAuthor Commented:
clean the config on G1/0/24 and 2/0/24, put it in etherchannel group. You'll get new Portchannel interface. Just make it trunk and that;s all there is to it.

I tried creating ether channel, by bundling 2 ports at SITE & SITE B..and configured as trunk.But the problem , moment I connect the , the port gets disabled.

I have tested the media , E2E by connecting 2 Laptops at both ends, and able to ping , without any issues.
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Turn on terminal monitor on telnet session and look for error messages. Post it here so we can see what's going on there.

Run the terminal monitor command, and do the whole process again.

Paste here any error or info messages that you have on console.
:)), you cannot make etherchannel on 3750-stack witch sw1,sw2@stack1 with sw1,sw2@stack2.

solution is: sw1,sw1@stack1 - sw1,sw1@stack2 or sw2,sw2@stack1 - sw1,sw1@stack2, or combination of this ones but not sw1,sw2.

Great job for noticing this. It did not cross my mind.

N. SpearsSr.Net.EngCommented:
Have you insured that your ISP is tunneling the necessary L2 protocols, i.e., STP, dot1q, LACP/Pgp, and so on,  across their network?
InisaiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution
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