Active Directory Firewall policies

We are running windows server 2008 Enterprise Active directory.  We have a domain firewall.  My question is how do I disable the firewall on the local workstations via active directory.  The firewall might block some group policies from getting to the workstations.

Also, how do I turn on file and print sharing via active directory.

Thanks in advance.
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PACSAdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The second link should say standard profile. This is used if the computer is not connected to the Domain i.e laptops
Put the workstations in an OU and apply a group policy to the OU with the following settings

Computer Configuration/Windows settings/Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Under domain profile settings configure firewall state as off

Under admin templates

Network/network connections/Windows firewall/Domain profile -  configure the policy

Network/network connections/Windows firewall/Domain profile -  configure the policy

File and print sharing can be set to in GP
You can configure file and printer sharing in the domain profile section as per above
ReyesrjAuthor Commented:
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