Netflow for DSL/Virtual Access Interfaces

We are looking into netflow to monitor our DSL users usage.  We have the problem the when the routers dial onto our LNS they are assigned a virtual access interface.  If users reconnect they are assigned another one thereby leaving us with users spread accross many over the months.

I would like to know if anyone has ever found a way to either export the username/ip from the LNS or somehow set up a netflow program to pull the data in the right way.

I hope this makes some sort of sense!
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Are you using Tacacs+/Radius to assign specific IP addresses to specific users?   If so - then Netflow Accounting package is needed?

I believe with Cisco ACS may be possible to see these details - but not the ability to associate bandwidth usage (netflow data) to the end user (from Tacacs+ accounting).

If you can assign IP -> User - then do usage based reporting from Netflow - there are many packages out there for Netflow.

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